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amount includes both PayDotCom 1.0 and 2.0


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amount includes both PayDotCom 1.0 and 2.0


As soon as you log in to PayDotCom, you’ll see exactly how each and every campaign is performing, how much traffic you’ve spent, and how much money you made. All in a quick glance.

Find Offers

Tap into the network of vendors in multiple verticals and their real-time stats. Send messages or requests to promote with a click of a button.

Live Reporting

Life traffic source to earnings per click, PayDotCom keeps you in the know. We’ll tell you exactly how every offer is performing for you.

Link Protection Technology

With our propertiery encrypted links, we protect your identity and your links. Our goal is to help you maximize each and every click and help turn it from click to sale.

Customer Transparency

We’ll show you exactly which customers you’ve referred, including their names and email addresses so you can export and suppress to your campaigns so you’re not bothering your buyers. (unless vendor restricted access to customer contact data for a specific product)

Offer Bonus

What better way to spice up your offer than to add a custom bonus! With PayDotCom, you can attach a bonus to your links. Once your customer makes a purchase, they will be instantly given your bonus!

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PayDotCom is a safe trusted space in which digital content and software creators can sell their products in a fully hosted environment, using their own payment portals, and tap into an army of affiliates who can promote your product.

* Due to the fact that PayPal Adaptive Payments tech now requires more than one receiver to function, PayDotCom will charge flat $0.01 flat fee for transactions if there is no affiliate or vendor jv partner involved to make the tech work correctly.