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Compare us to other leading affiliate merchant systems and see why so many vendors are making the switch to PayDotCom.

  • Free To Join

  • Pays Directly To Your Merchant Account

  • Sell Physical Products and Digital Products

  • Collect Monthly Subscriptions

  • Get Paid Instantly

  • No Pre Approval

  • Stats Tracking

  • Provide Promotional Tools To Your Affiliates


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Daniel Hall http


Look What People Are Saying About

"I've Now Made Over $2 Million Through PayDotCom..."

I gotta tell you when I was planning my million dollar launch I new I needed a payment solution that was Reliable, Risk-free and Robust. There was no real doubt in my mind that PayDotCom would over deliver for me yet again.

I've now made over $2 Million through PayDotCom and and totally blown away by the easiness that it all happens. Affiliates get paid, everything gets tracked, my customers get their stuff and everything works as it should. And the best part is I can be up and running in minutes and also reach out to a huge army of proven profit-pulling affiliates.

To find a service like this I would have searched the ends of the earth and paid a small fortune so it's been my own personal secret that is now leaking out and I just hope you guys keep your prices so ridiculously low (I seriously thought it was a typo error when I saw the tiny fee amount I had to pay on a $1million launch.

When you are dealing with customers' money, making sure affiliates get credit and being able to rely on a robust service that can handle anything than you use PayDotCom. We did a $849,000 in 3 days and everything went like clockwork. You might be able to tell - I love you guys and you've got yet another customer for life here!

- Michael Cheney


"Once I came across PayDotCom I have never looked back!"

I use PayDotCom for all my products! Why?… Because I need a reliable, safe, and trustworthy payment solution, with minimal to zero downtime, which can also help increase my affiliate sales!

I have used other affiliate marketplaces in the past. Once I came across PayDotCom I have never looked back! Over the past 2 years of using PayDotCom, they have processed hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions for me; expanded my affiliate base to over 20,000 people; and most importantly they provide me with continuous exceptional customer service!

Unlike other affiliate marketplaces, PayDotCom’s simple, though advanced, tools and features make it almost effortless, for registering my digital products, building a great affiliate base and selling online.

I whole heartily recommend PayDotCom!

- Sean Clark


" is the only affiliate marketing system I'll use and recommend."

" is the best affiliate management system on the internet.

It's got everything you could imagine: product promotion, sales tracking, and more.

But there are 2 unique features that you can't find anywhere else. 1) You can build subscriptions and 2) you don't have to wait 30 days to get paid, like some other systems. is the only affiliate marketing system I'll use and recommend."

- Michael Port
Author, Book Yourself Solid, The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle.


"It's only been two days and I already have 3 affiliates"

Hi this is Scott, also known as the CSO (or Chief Show Officer) for ShowOff Cards.

We launched our brand new product Show Off Cards (customized superhero business cards) in late July / Early August and were having some early success even before we launched a real marketing effort so I knew we had a winning product.

 Our dilemma was how to cost effectively spread the word.Having run web sites before I have been an affiliate and knew the marketing power they can provide.

Being an affiliate and having your own affil-iates are two different things so I started looking for a suitable online marketplace. I looked into two or three options and they were either expensive to start up or wanted a huge commission.Then I was referred to PayDotCom.

I went to the site, signed up (at no cost mind you), set up my item and was done. It took about as long as listing an item on EBay - and was about that simple. That sign up was on a Wednesday. It's only been two days and I already have 3 affiliates signed up and selling Show Off Cards! How easy was that!

I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with PayDotCom.

- Scott Jones


"Simply Amazing!"

", is simply amazing!

I just started my website last week...I did some limited advertising of my "Affiliate Program" provided by, and within the past 5 days I have already received several sign up's from people to sell my ebook for bands!

I have tried OTHER "affiliate program" systems in the past. They were NO where near as simple to implement!Plus, soon I will be able to gain even MORE affiliates for my ebook from's Market Place! As I said, this is simply AMAZING!"

- Scott Meyer


"I Strongly Recommend PayDotCom To Everyone!"

"PayDotCom is hands-down, the best system I have come across in my entire online career. I've used all kinds of programs - programs like ClickBank, scripts I install, free versions... I even tried just using a tracking script by itself.

But nothing - and I mean NOTHING - has come close to what PayDotCom does for me.Not only is the system itself amazing, it fits into my tight budget. And on top of all that, they have the best support team anyone could ask for.

I would recommend PayDotCom to anyone, even if they only need a shopping cart - because PayDotCom can do that too!

And just a word to all who wish they had their own affiliates - I haven't promoted my affiliate program ONCE. I have 10 affiliates with PayDotCom.

No other system I have ever used has done that for me - not one. I strongly recommend PayDotCom to everyone. I'm even going to get my clients to use it - that is how much I trust this system.

Thank you PayDotCom!"

-Cheryl Lester


"Your System Certainly Makes My Life Easier"

- Peter Newell


When I discovered the system, I thought to myself; “YES! I’ve finally found a way for me to start, own and operate my own affiliate program”.

I am in the process of creating my MMGVision website where I'm focusing almost exclusively on selling software and eBooks that have Resale Rights attached. That seems to be the way to go these days on the web.

Now, not everybody wants to go through the web design and uploading process to sell software and books or anything else for that matter.

So, to be able to have a system that allows me to offer an all-in-one payment processing system, an affiliate program, supporting affiliate links plus a full reporting system all within the system is truly a discovery and a blessing for me.

Your system certainly makes my life easier as an Internet Marketer. I highly recommend to all Internet Marketers! Best Regards, "


"PayDotCom Is Way, Way, Way Better..."

"Just to let you know I'm changing over completely from C----bank & A---PilotRiches, to

My god, you've really pulled out the is way, way, way better than C----bank, and any other affiliate market place I've seen & used. The fact that I can pay my affiliates - and be paid by my merchants - by PayPal is fantastic, no more having to  wait for the PayPal check to come over to the UK, and paying about $20 to clear it!!!

And it's all so easy & so cheap, I am completely unrestricted by any charges, red tape & unnecessary steps, which means I can just concentrate on creating & marketing products.

Also, the fact that potential affiliates can actually search for my product, rather than just being in a list by popularity, is an enormous advantage, I'm very happy about that!

Thanks so much Keep up the good work!

- Kevin Lewis


"Finally A Marketplace That Gets Vendors Paid Fast!"

- Daniel Hall

"Finally, a marketplace that gets its vendors paid FAST! Superb!"


"...It Puts All Other Pay Sites To Shame."

- Stephen Hall


"Wow, PayDotCom.Com make sense it really works!!! I joined to try it out, and I can't believe how many people have tried it. It's a great way to get paid and puts all other pay sites to shame. These guys have worked hard and it shows. Plus the cost compared to all the other sites is so low, I can't believe they did it. Wonderful job, One of the best banking systems I've seen. Thank You!:


"I Love Adding My Own Promotion Resources..."

- Jim Hoffman 

"As always your programs and websites deliver. I was using another affiliate program and am now using PayDotCom and will never look back. I love adding my own promotion resources and being able to contact my affiliates. Plus the added benefit of using various payment methods is a real plus for my affiliates and me. I look forward to the constant upgrades and added features of PayDotCom."


"PayDotCom is the best merchant processor in the Universe"

- Massimo D'Amico


"I am the creator of . I can't believe at my results that I gained from using PayDotCom platform. I have experiences with ClickBank and PayPal, but it seems incredible what PayDotCom gives me in few days... Well, my Daily Visitors Explosion system was a project that I built on 2004, one year ago. The main problem of DVE was the merchant processor that I needed for it, to sell my product. I was able to found too many complicated solutions to manage my products, affiliates, promotional tools and so on (wasting my money)...until I found PayDotCom! Finally a simple thing to sell my products, after 1 full year! I placed PayDotCom buttons into my DVE site, I created my affiliate program in a just 3 days I gained 4 active affiliates and 1 sale of DVE system. Amazing! ;-) I'm very glad to see my product on PayDotCom Marketplace, it's a 100% free exposition that works! PayDotCom is the best merchant processor in the Universe, believe me my friend!"


"PayDotCom Made My Business Successful."

- Peter Skuta

"PayDotCom made my business successful. I want to thank you for making this great service so successful.  If you have an active business and you are paying high processing fees or you do not have affiliate program in your business, I would choose PayDotCom."


"Up To The Minute Reports On My Earnings."

- Stephanie L.

"Registering my digital information products with has proven to be the wisest business decision I have ever made. The control panel is so easy to use, and within seconds, I can have up-to-the-minute reports on my earnings, my affiliate commissions, as well as the commissions I owe my own affiliates for sales made through their links. The marketplace is awesome! This system is comprehensive enough for any business to utilize, yet simple enough for the inexperienced internet "Newbie" to use. Thanks, Mike, for providing this awesome alternative for online payment processing! You are the greatest!"


"No Sign Up Fees."

"As the Overseer of a non-profit organization that provides free and low cost services to the disabled, PayDotCom allows our organization to link our organization at no cost, and allowing us to market our products and services to your customer base, without asking us for references and signup fees. Thank you PayDotCom."

- Keith Boynton
Overseer Organization: The Gates of Zion


"PayDotCom Will Revolutionize The Way Business Is Currently Done On The Internet."

"It is great to find a site which does what it promises on the sign-up page. I am sure that this site will revolutionize the way that business is currently done on the internet. It has changed the way that my site performs and seen me produce much greater revenue which in turn gives a better service for my customers."

Ben Shaffer 


"What A Neat Idea!"

"When I discovered PayDotCom on the internet a few weeks ago, I thought: 'What a neat Idea!' My enthusiasm has even increased, due to the interest shown in the single ad I placed at USnetads, and Hot-Web-Ads. Please check it out. You'll be pleased that you did."

- Ron G. Stouder
Affiliate Marketer


"I've already had more sales and affiliate sign-ups through PayDotCom than I've had in the three years I've been with ClickBank."

"I've written four books and three of them were sold through Click Bank. When I saw what PayDotCom offered I jumped at the chance to be listed. I've already had more sales and affiliate sign-ups through PayDotCom than I've had in the three years I've been with Click Bank. I get paid instantly through Pay Pal, too! No more waiting for weeks for a royalty check to arrive via snail mail! That's always nice!"

 -Victor K. Pryles


"$118 in Just 3 Days..."

"I made $118 in Just 3 Days from PayDotCom product posting On Google AdWords Campaigns. PayDotCom Marketplace is great to search for saleable Products."

-Ajabrao K Akhare
Affiliate Marketer


"I Am Impressed With The Merchants In The Marketplace."

"I am impressed with the merchants in the marketplace. I also like the fee structure. Keep up the good work."

- Tim Houston
Affiliate Marketer


"What an incredible service"

"In only 24 hours I already had 1 sale and 4 affiliates promoting my service. Talk about results! PayDotCom is downright the best service for affiliate marketers hands down. They answered my emails quickly, usually within the hour and I also didn't have to wait to be paid. As soon as the transaction happened I had the money in my Paypal account. IÕm stunned. If you don't believe me contact me!!! "

- SJ Designs/The Coupon Kings

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