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Compare us to other leading affiliate merchant systems and see why so many vendors are making the switch to PayDotCom.

  • Free To Join

  • Pays Directly To Your Merchant Account

  • Sell Physical Products and Digital Products

  • Collect Monthly Subscriptions

  • Get Paid Instantly

  • No Pre Approval

  • Stats Tracking

  • Provide Promotional Tools To Your Affiliates


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"I made $118 in Just 3 Days from PayDotCom product posting On Google AdWords Campaigns. PayDotCom Marketplace is great to search for saleable Products."

-Ajabrao K Akhare
Affiliate Marketer

"Discover Why So Many Marketers, From Beginners to Top Experts, Are Making The Switch To, The World's Easiest To Use, Profit-Pulling Marketplace!"

"...Get Paid Instantly And Get An Army Of Affiliates!."

Dear Marketer, is a fast growing online marketplace that catalogs thousands of products and services, both physical products and digital products. We have over 970,000 affiliates and we get a lot of new affiliates joining every day..

If you are looking to sell your digital or physical products, ebooks, software, monthly membership sites, or services online, you have come to the right place. Or, if you are just looking to make extra money selling some great products from our marketplace as an affiliate, we make it so easy.

So whether you want to sell your own products, get an army of affiliates, or just make easy extra money selling other people's products, then take a look and see why is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketplaces in the world.

We are the first to offer all of the following features along with a Marketplace.

  • Digital Products

  • Physical Products

  • Membership site billing monthly

  • Integration with PayPal

  • Easy tools

  • Manage Affiliates

  • Stats and Campaign tracking

  • Instant Payment for Vendors

  • Easy to use interface to add buttons to your site

  • Manage unlimited products with one account

  • Affordability

So whether you want to sell your own products online and get great exposure in our marketplace, or if you just want to be an affiliate and sell the hottest products by other vendors in our marketplace, you have come to the right place. is located in Montclair, NJ, USA.

Our staff is made up of: Marketers, Programmers, and Support Members to serve you better. was developed by Internet marketers with the needs of marketers in mind. It is here to benefit both vendors and affiliates by providing solutions to problems and issues that have plagued our industry for so long. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of marketers and we pledge to always make sure is on the cutting edge of the needs of our members.

Other Online Marketplaces refuse to listen to the needs of their vendors based on changes in the market. You can rest assured will always be there for you. We are everything you could ask for and more!

To get started, click here!

To your success,

PayDotCom Team

P.S. - Don't forget, is FREE to join so click here to get started now!

" is the only affiliate marketing system I'll use and recommend."

" is the best affiliate management system on the internet.

It's got everything you could imagine: product promotion, sales tracking, and more.

But there are 2 unique features that you can't find anywhere else. 1) You can build subscriptions and 2) you don't have to wait 30 days to get paid, like some other systems. is the only affiliate marketing system I'll use and recommend."

- Michael Port
Author, Book Yourself Solid, The Fastest, Easiest and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle.


"It's only been two days and I already have 3 affiliates"

Hi this is Scott, also known as the CSO (or Chief Show Officer) for ShowOff Cards.

We launched our brand new product Show Off Cards (customized superhero business cards) in late July / Early August and were having some early success even before we launched a real marketing effort so I knew we had a winning product.

 Our dilemma was how to cost effectively spread the word. Having run web sites before I have been an affiliate and knew the marketing power they can provide.

Being an affiliate and having your own affil-iates are two different things so I started looking for a suitable online marketplace. I looked into two or three options and they were either expensive to start up or wanted a huge commission.Then I was referred to PayDotCom.

I went to the site, signed up (at no cost mind you), set up my item and was done. It took about as long as listing an item on EBay - and was about that simple. That sign up was on a Wednesday. It's only been two days and I already have 3 affiliates signed up and selling Show Off Cards! How easy was that!

I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with PayDotCom.

- Scott Jones


"Simply Amazing!"

", is simply amazing!

I just started my website last week...I did some limited advertising of my "Affiliate Program" provided by, and within the past 5 days I have already received several sign up's from people to sell my ebook for bands!

I have tried OTHER "affiliate program" systems in the past. They were NO where near as simple to implement!Plus, soon I will be able to gain even MORE affiliates for my ebook from's Market Place! As I said, this is simply AMAZING!"

- Scott Meyer


"I Strongly Recommend PayDotCom To Everyone!"

"PayDotCom is hands-down, the best system I have come across in my entire online career. I've used all kinds of programs - programs like ClickBank, scripts I install, free versions... I even tried just using a tracking script by itself.

But nothing - and I mean NOTHING - has come close to what PayDotCom does for me.Not only is the system itself amazing, it fits into my tight budget. And on top of all that, they have the best support team anyone could ask for.

I would recommend PayDotCom to anyone, even if they only need a shopping cart - because PayDotCom can do that too!

And just a word to all who wish they had their own affiliates - I haven't promoted my affiliate program ONCE. I have 10 affiliates with PayDotCom.

No other system I have ever used has done that for me - not one. I strongly recommend PayDotCom to everyone. I'm even going to get my clients to use it - that is how much I trust this system.

Thank you PayDotCom!"

-Cheryl Lester

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